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Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit was a great success. We are now planning for our next production in January 2018, Arthur Miller's 'All My Sons'. Read through for all on Monday 6 November and auditions in the same week. Then the rehearsals will begin as the show is to take place mid-January. Please come along to the read through and if you like audition for a part or elect to help backstage. Time to get friends and family intrested in buying tickets. Fliers for the show areavailable at the clubrooms. 

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09 February 2017

A Delicate Balance Actors

A Delicate Balance is GTPs upcoming production. Edward Albee's play is set over a weekend at the Hampton home of retired couple Agnes and Tobias. Living with them is Agnes' sister Claire, who likes a drink or three and to irritate her sister. Their friends, Harry and Edna, appear unannounced running from from some unknown terror. Then their daughter Julia returns home from her fourth failed marriage. It's a heady mix and the characters are forced to deal with issues of friendship, family, loyalty and regret.

This play followed Edward Albee's 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' and won him the first of three Pulitzer prizes. Albee died in September 2016, aged 88, and so GTP proudly present A Delicate Balance as a tribute to his immense skill as a playwright.

Our production of A Delicate Balance has a strong cast who are as follows:

Agnes: Paola De Rosa

Tobias: Mark Coleman 

Claire: Glynis Poole

Edna: June Stevenson

Harry: Andy Williams

Julia: Melanie Wishart  

We are pleased to welcome a new Director, Iain McAleese, to GTP to direct A Delicate Balance. He is both an actor and dircetor and directs for Theatre Revolution and in the past has worked with Scottish Opera.

A Delicate Balance will be performed at Eastwood Park Theatre from Wednesday 26 April to Saturady 29 April at 7.30pm, with a Saturday matinee performance at 2.30pm as well. You can get your tickets, which are only £15 (concession £13) by phoning Susan on 07518 201 756 or email at or contact the thetare directly by phone on 0141 577 4956 or book online at We are offering our SPECIAL OFFER again of all tickets on Wednesday £10 and on Saturday 2 tickets for £20.

We hope to see your family, your friends, your acquaintences, your neighbours but especially you at A Delicate Balance.

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28 Jan2017

Quartermaine's Terms Cast

It's only a month away, our first play of 2017, Quartermaine's Terms: 25th January to 28th January. This bitter sweet comedy has a strong cast:

Singeon Quartermaine: Jack Hodes Eddie Loomis: Andy Williams Henry Windscape: Euan Galbraith Melanie Griffith: Frances Rowan Anita Manchip: Ciadhra McGuire Mark Sackling: Kevyn Connett Derek Meadle: Neal MacCowan

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30 September

Twelfth Night Act 5 rehearsal

Act 5 rehearsals for Twelfth Night at the GTP clubrooms. Kevyn as the mischievous Feste, Jack as the hard done by Malvellio, Geoff and Fiona as Orsino and Viola discussing manly things and newcomers Isssac and Jack junior as Antonio and Fabian. Also, Glynis's new hairstyle standing in for Ciadhra as Olivia. And can you spot our director Walter?

October approaches and the stage beckons. Still a few rehearsals to fine tune our performances. We are looking forward to playing this fine comedy before an audience.  



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Every Story Begins Somewhere...........

Each season, Giffnock Theatre Players (GTP) bring three dramas to the Eastwood Park Theatre stage and last year we upped this to four productions with two plays running in tandem in the October week. Some of these like Breaking The Code and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest are thought-provoking and challenge our audiences, while others like Calendar Girls and 'Allo 'Allo are out and out crowd-pleasers. We like to offer a varied program but with one constant: a high quality production from the actors through to the backstage crew. 

The backstage crew deserve special praise. Just like the end credits on a film that rolls on for 20 minutes or more, after the cast list there is a slew of other roles: best boy, runner, make-up artist and so on. The actors on stage are just the very tip of the iceberg on any production. Likewise at Giffnock Theatre Players, supporting every production is an entire team of unsung heroes.  Without this team, the actors would be on a naked stage with no costumes or props.  It just wouldn’t be the same experience for the audience and we at GTP believe that our audiences deserve the very best we can provide.

Want to get involved?

We have opportunities behind the scenes with painting, minor construction, costume making/mending, props, tickets, front of house selling programs – anything really, we’d love to welcome you to the club. Note that auditioning for roles in plays will be on offer as well if you wish. 

In joining GTP we can offer you lots of excitement, challenges and fun.  Not only do we put on fantastic productions, we have several parties every year.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the theatre, meet new and exciting people, and make life-long friends.

Testimonial:  “When I first joined GTP, I couldn’t even bring myself to read out loud in front of people.  I was so nervous, I wouldn’t raise my hand to read.  Several months later, and I was cast in a show.  I was so nervous, I didn’t think I could do it, but now 5 years on and I can’t wait to be in whatever production needs me in whatever way I can be helpful.  The people here have been so lovely, warm and supportive.  It’s changed my life!”  

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