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02 December 2017

All My Sons Actors

Giffnock Theatre Players next production is Arthur Miler's All My Sons. Alongside, Death of a Salesman and View from the Bridge, it's one of Miller's finest plays. It tells the story of the Keller family and how the past catches up with them over one day. The themes and issues in the play still resonate today. 

The cast are busy rehearsing the play for its opening night at Eatwood Park Theatre on Wednesday 17th January and it runs till Saturday 20th January. 

The actors comprise seasoned GTP members (Jack Hodes, Rosemary LaCavera, June Stvenson, Mike LaCavera, Melanie Wishart, Neil Simpson) and a few new faces too under the direction of Walter Paul. It promises to be a great production so don't delay in getting your tickets. 




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30 January

Quartermaine's Terms

Quartermaine's Terms was a great critical success. Unfortunately, try as we might we had difficulty attracting sizeable audience numbers. Nonetheless, for all those that attended we'd like to thank you for taking the chance to watch some great theatre. We think by and large you loved it as you can see from some of the reviews listed below.

I''m not much of a reviewer, but I can honestly say this is the best production I have watched so far from this group of talented actors. Such a fantastic play too. 

The actors play their roles with such passion and conviction that you instantly connect with each of them on a very personal level, except for one...whose story you never really hear, and this is what makes it so fascinating to me, I actually twigged on the way home that this particular character is almost an unknown to us. How do we feel about the outcome of the play when you never really "connect" with the individual, as a person. It's just brilliant.

Watching the performance in the Eastwood Park Theatre makes this all the more enthralling as, being a small theatre, you can be closer to the stage and with that, you feel as if you are right in the staff room with the characters. It really helps hook you into their lives.

There are some seriously laugh out loud moments, and there are some scenes that just leave you speechless. If you don't get a lump in your throat watching this play, I'd be surprised.

Brilliant direction from Mark Coleman, and fantastic performances from the entire cast without fault.

If you ever fancy taking a dip into watching GTP, I can't recommend it enough."


“To the theatre tonight- and a lovely evening it was too… Lovely, subtle performances… which made the numerous comedic moments stand out all the more" 


“Don't miss out on this gem... A wonderful piece of theatre.”


“A great night out... Such a talented cast! Cannot fault a thing."


“I really enjoyed the play.”


"Definitely worth seeing this week!”


Ciadhra McGuire, who played Anita, said "Have absolutely loved every part of being in this production- it is probably the most beautifully written thing I've ever been in- and I am continually humbled by my fellow cast members."


Now that QT has come to close, we now start afresh on our next production, A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee, which runs form 26th to 29th April. Tickets are £15, £13 concession, with all tickets £10 on Wednesday (26th) and 2 tckets for £20 on Saturday ("9th), available from the Eastwood Park Theatre Box Office, online or on 07518 201 756 or phone our Susan on 0141 577 4956.

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28 October

Twelfth Night Friday Night

Half way through the Twelfth Night run. Another fantastic production. Only two performances left so don't delay get your tickets now.

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14 October 11

Twelfth Night Rehearsals

Twelfth Night rehearsals are progressing very well. Walter Paul is bringing out the best of the assembled cast of seasoned GTP actors and fresh young talented actors. This is a divine comedy and we hope to see you at the theatre.

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07 Memories

Don't Drink The Water

Memories of GTP's last show of the 2015/2016 season. A hilarious Woody Allen comedy, very well received by the audiences that ventured out to see it.  

To see how GTP create the shows, we are opening our clubroom doors as part of the East Renfrewshire 2016 Doors Open Day on Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th September. Come along and see our costumes, props, workshop and rehearsals.

Hope to see you there and at our 2016/2017 shows. 

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