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Every Story Begins Somewhere...........

Each season, Giffnock Theatre Players (GTP) bring three dramas to the Eastwood Park Theatre stage and last year we upped this to four productions with two plays running in tandem in the October week. Some of these like Breaking The Code and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest are thought-provoking and challenge our audiences, while others like Calendar Girls and 'Allo 'Allo are out and out crowd-pleasers. We like to offer a varied program but with one constant: a high quality production from the actors through to the backstage crew. 

The backstage crew deserve special praise. Just like the end credits on a film that rolls on for 20 minutes or more, after the cast list there is a slew of other roles: best boy, runner, make-up artist and so on. The actors on stage are just the very tip of the iceberg on any production. Likewise at Giffnock Theatre Players, supporting every production is an entire team of unsung heroes.  Without this team, the actors would be on a naked stage with no costumes or props.  It just wouldn’t be the same experience for the audience and we at GTP believe that our audiences deserve the very best we can provide.

Want to get involved?

We have opportunities behind the scenes with painting, minor construction, costume making/mending, props, tickets, front of house selling programs – anything really, we’d love to welcome you to the club. Note that auditioning for roles in plays will be on offer as well if you wish. 

In joining GTP we can offer you lots of excitement, challenges and fun.  Not only do we put on fantastic productions, we have several parties every year.  You’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the theatre, meet new and exciting people, and make life-long friends.

Testimonial:  “When I first joined GTP, I couldn’t even bring myself to read out loud in front of people.  I was so nervous, I wouldn’t raise my hand to read.  Several months later, and I was cast in a show.  I was so nervous, I didn’t think I could do it, but now 5 years on and I can’t wait to be in whatever production needs me in whatever way I can be helpful.  The people here have been so lovely, warm and supportive.  It’s changed my life!”  

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