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Posted 5 years ago

GTP took on Shakespeare’s Scottish play in 2014 with Mark Coleman directing. Andrew Forrest and Paola De Rosa took on the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and with the large cast put on a dynamic performance with audiovisual accompaniment.

The Accrington Pals

Posted 5 years ago

GTP celebrated the 100th anniversary of The Great War with The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan and directed by Darren Hall. The initial enthusiasm for joining the war effort was waning so the Government came up with the idea of forming ‘Pals’ regiments comprising groups of young lads from their own communities. There was a […]

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Posted 5 years ago

Wow this took place in 2011 and it was the author’s first stage performance and first with GTP. I played one of the ‘lunatics’. What an experience. I’ve worked with Mike, Jen, Donald, Paola, Andy, Neil, Jamie and Jack since but nothing has beaten that first stepping out on the boards with these people. Our […]

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Posted 5 years ago

Tennesse Willam’s Cat On a Hot Tin Roof was a fantastic production directed by Walter Paul in 2013. It takes place over a hot sultry summer’s day on a US southern state plantation in 1955. Brick has injured his leg through an indiscretion. His wife, The Cat, Maggie itches with intensity. It’s Big Daddy’s, Brick’s […]

Allo’ Allo’

Posted 5 years ago

Occupied France and Rene put in his part for the Resistance. All your favourite characters from the popular Lloyd/Croft TV comedy were on show: Rene, Edith, Herr Flick, Gruber, Michelle, Helga and die anderen.  Alasdair Hawthorn directed and the year was 2014. Jack Hodes played Rene and Edith was played by Jan Christie. Jan had […]

Twelfth Night or GTP does Shakespeare

Posted 5 years ago

It was 2016 and GTP took on Shakespeare’s most perfect comedy, Twelfth Night. It was the four hundredth anniversary of William Shakespeare. Walter Paul took on the large cast and through his direction put on a great production with the GTP backstage crew and of course the actors as well.