One month to go before show night and the rehearsals are coming along just fine for Cuttin’ A Rug, John Byrne’s 2nd instalment in The Slab Boys trilogy. We’ve left the Sab Room and A F Stobo’s carpet factory behind and are getting ready for the Staffie – A F Stobo’s Christmas Party. Posh boy Alan has brought along Lucille, and her friend Bernadette is there with her boyfriend Terry, who think’s he’s paisley’s answer to Elvis. The Slab Boys, Phil and Spanky, are up to their usual mischief, and wee Hector thinks he’s got a chance with Lucille. Mr Curry is trying to learn his speech and failing miserably. Sadie is there cause she doesn’t want to miss the fun. And we at last meet Miss Walkinshaw, who has her eye on a beau for the evening. It’s a melting pot of hilarious misunderstandings but will they get what they want. Well come along and find out at Eastwood Park Theatre on 21 to 24 February at 7.30pm and a matinee on the 24th at 2.30pm.

Miss Walkinshaw arrives.

The Boys.

The Slab Boys.

The girls.

Mr Curry trying to learn his speech.

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