Neil Simon's

The Odd Couple

Directed by Glynis Poole

Nov 01 2023
Nov 04 2023

Finnicky, neurotic Felix after his marital separation moves in with his friend slobbish, divorced, sports-writer Oscar, driving Oscar to distraction. The oddity of the couple’s surrogate marriage is demonstrated by Felix complaining that that Oscar’s late arrival home has spoiled supper., the supper they are about to share with a pair of giggling English Sisters form the apartment upstairs. Oscar had invited them down for a double dinner date, much to Felix’s chagrin. Throw in Oscar’s Friday night poker school buddies and all their worries and concerns about Felix and you have a recipe for an evening of delightful hilarity.

The Odd Couple is regarded as one of Neil Simon’s best; winning the Writer’s Guild of America Award for best written comedy.

“His skill is not only great but constantly growing…There is scarcely a moment that is not hilarious.” – The New York Times

“Fresh, richly hilarious and remarkably original. Wildly, irresistibly, incredibly and continuously funny.” – New York Daily News