The Matchmaker 2nd Night Triumph

The first night was good but the second night was a triumph. Some feedback from the audience:

“Brilliant comic timing.”

“Every single member of the cast was as strong as the next.”

“The bit when they moved the furniture was hilarious!”

“Who sourced those costumes? We need someone like that. They were amazing!”

“All the solo bits were so lovely especially Dolly and the boy at the end – I had a wee tear.”

“I didn’t realise I was going to laugh so much, brilliant night out thank you so much.”

“It was so funny, everything was well timed, the accents were brilliant and I loved the way the sets revolved that was so cool..oh and the costumes were good too.”

“It was so funny and we loved every moment.” S

“The accents were all brilliant. Those costumes are amazing. Watching drama is such a refreshing change to musical – I can’t wait for the next one!”

So I ask you what are you waiting for get on down to see The Matchmaker at Eastwood Park Theatre. Only 3 performances left.

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