The latest with Giffnock Theatre Players.

Quartermaine’s Terms

Posted 5 days ago

Mark Coleman directed Quartermaine’s Terms in January 2017. The play is set in an English Speaking School. The teachers are dedicated but have to carry their inept colleague, Quartermaine. As situations change, Quartermaine finds himself surplus to requirements. Unfortunately the play didn’t find favour with the general Giffnock audience. However, the production was great and […]

A Delicate Balance

Posted 5 days ago

April 2017 saw GTP’s production of Edward Albee’s play A Delicate Balance. Our original director had to pull out and Alasdair Hawthorn stepped in to take over the Director’s role. Paola De Rosa and Mark Coleman played the bickering married couple with Glynis playing the alcoholic Sister, Mel the daughter and ‘friends’ played by Andy […]

Steel Magnolias

Posted 6 days ago

It’s the eighties so big hair. In a northwestern Louisiana town the Beauty Salon of Truvy Jones has a new recruit, the shy Annelle Dupoy. Shelby the daughter of M’Lynn Eatenton is getting married and her hair needs the magic of Truvy. Clairee Belcher, the widow of the former mayor is also at the salon […]

The Matchmaker

Posted 1 week ago

The Matchmaker cast try on their costumes for the first time. They’re looking good and so are the actors!

The Diary of Anne Frank

Posted 1 week ago

Paola De Rosa directed this stunning production of The Diary of Anne Frank. The actors, the backstage crew and Paola helped bring this production together. Audiences were moved by the performance. I visited Aushwitz and Birkenau recently and it brought home the inhumanity of the Nazi regime. On a lighter note the backstage crew got […]

The Cripple of Inishmaan

Posted 1 week ago

A departure from Eastwood Park Theatre to Webster’s Theatre in the west end for The Cripple of Inishmaan. There were a few “fecks”, a few eggs smashed and truths brought out in the island’s tight community. We had a great cast and the Director, Alasdair Hawthorn, brought the best out of them. Neil was brilliant […]