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Don’t Drink The Water

Posted 2 years ago

This Woody Allen play was produced in 2016 and directed by Mark Coleman. The play was very funny but unfortunately it wasn’t a great hit with the GTP audience. Nevertheless, there were great performances. I especially liked Francis Rowan’s performance as Kilroy, the Ambassador’s assistant. Also Kevyn could have passed for Cary Grant.

Calendar Girls

Posted 2 years ago

This much loved play was produced by GTP in 2012 with Alasdair Hawthorn directing. Our female actors, Glynis, Helen, Kate, June, Christine and Jane exposed themselves freely albeit hidden by cakes and other accoutrements. All of us ‘exposed’ ourselves in a Calendar, which was put together for the show. The play was great fun and […]

Breaking The Code

Posted 2 years ago

In 2016 GTP produced Breaking The Code by Hugh Whitemore, the story of Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, sadly victimised by the British Government for simply being homosexual. Our Paola De Rosa put on a brilliant production of this play with a great cast. Unfortunately, still today prejudice prevails in society. Hopefully, this […]


Posted 2 years ago

Haywire a comedy by Eric Chappell was a bit of a romp directed by Dave Bennet. Interesting note. He went on to direct the same play with another company in the following year again with Andy Williams playing Alec Firth. Of the two, GTP’s I would say was better. The play also starred Kate McNeil […]


Posted 2 years ago

GTP took on Shakespeare’s Scottish play in 2014 with Mark Coleman directing. Andrew Forrest and Paola De Rosa took on the roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and with the large cast put on a dynamic performance with audiovisual accompaniment.

The Accrington Pals

Posted 2 years ago

GTP celebrated the 100th anniversary of The Great War with The Accrington Pals by Peter Whelan and directed by Darren Hall. The initial enthusiasm for joining the war effort was waning so the Government came up with the idea of forming ‘Pals’ regiments comprising groups of young lads from their own communities. There was a […]